Hannah Oppenheimer

Product Designer, Ice Cream Maker

Talk: User Study on Bears in Banff

Keep Ruby Weird 2016

I gave this inpromptu lightning talk at Keep Ruby Weird 2016. Given that it was off the cuff, I pulled together a few photos from my recent trip to Canada, where I went hiking with a PhD Bear Biologist. She told me incredible stories about grizzlies in Banff and Jasper National Parks, but one of the most interesting stories was about a research group that did a study on why bears continued to die on the train tracks despite numerous efforts to keep them off. Fences and train horns didn't help, but they certainly couldn't re-route the train tracks.

I attempted to connect this story to some of my design experiences working in healthcare, where we often have some "train tracks" that we want users to avoid, but we can't just remove them. Given a longer time to prepare and present, I would elaborate more on this topic.