Hannah Oppenheimer

Product Designer, Ice Cream Maker

Digital Check-In Application

Epion Health

I pair-designed with the folks at thoughbot to design this iPad-based application. Our goal was to improve the efficiency and accuracy of gathering clincial and personal information from patients during their check-in process. Paper is time-intensive and actually quite expensive when you add up the costs of printers, scanners, storage, and personel to make it happen. With Epion's digital check-in application, medical facilities--from single doctor practice to massive hospital groups--were able to save time and money by getting accurate and thorough data with our tool.

Later, we added the PHQ9 Screener for our patients. This is a questionnaire used to determine if a patient is likely to attempt suicide or self-harm. We wanted this screener to use large target areas, as many of our patients are eldery or have problems like arthritis. This solution shows large text and large buttons.

After launching the English version and getting feedback, I worked with translators and coded the internationalization of this tool for our Spanish users as well.

At Epion, I did whatever was needed--design, user testing, HTML/CSS and even Ruby for many months. I helped code out both the front and back-end. Over the course of a few years, I led design sprints each time we needed to solve a big new issue. It was a fun project and team that I am proud of to this day.