Hannah Oppenheimer

Product Designer, Ice Cream Maker

Weekly Planner for Dementia Caregivers

Orbit Care

For the OpenIDEO Caregiver Challenge, I designed an application for caregivers of people living with Dementia. Moved by this article about the ever-mounting challenges caregivers face after a diagnosis, I focused on solving problems around care planning and more specificially, mulit-caregiver coordination.

The problem at hand, summarized by caregiver Bob Kelly:

"From our current vantage point, it is clear that a well thought out yet adaptable Caregiving Trajectory Plan from day one could have minimized the potential for misunderstandings and in particular mounting stress on my wife. A well planned Caregiving Trajectory Plan should be a roadmap for care capable of adaptation but designed to spread responsibilities, not stack them, as circumstances and needs change with the progression of this devastating disease."

To start off the project, I created a basic user flow with pen and paper. Then, I laid out rough wireframes in Sketch:

Next, I shared those with a few designers and healthcare workers in my nextwork for feedback. From there, I iterated on the flow and built a few mocks of the main user flows, with the goal of keeping them simple for the OpenIDEO challenge.

There are two main user flows. Here's how they work:

To start off, on Sunday evening, a caregiver will get a notification to build this week's plan. From the notification screen, the user will be sent to the Orbit Care application, which prompts them to create their plan for the week, assigning team members (such as a sibling or a spouse) to specific to-do items auto-suggested based on the Caregiver Trajectories outlined in research like this.

Next, they can assign tasks to themself or to another caregiver, and subsequently send notifications to other team members about their responsibilities. The goal here is to keep everyone is on the same page.

Finally, they're reminded about their next Orbit Care check-in on Friday.

All set! After the caregiver has gone about their week, they will get one more notification from Orbit Care, prompting them to reflect on their week.

This part of the application was inspired by my favorite part of the Agile Development process: the Retrospective. At the end of the week, the caregiver gets to reflect on how their week went -- what they were able to complete, how they felt about it and what tools/services they might need to help them next week.

Then, they can reflect on anything else and record it, and are offered the option to have additional services or products help them with any open care items.

Finally, they are reminded about their next check-in on Sunday to plan ahead for the following week.

I had a lot of fun designing this application for the OpenIDEO Challenge. Check out the other submissions on their website, and be inspired to submit your own ideas!