Hannah Oppenheimer

Product Designer, Ice Cream Maker

10 Questions to Ask When Applying for a Remote Job

15 May 2019

Make sure you understand the company's remote practices before you take on this exciting opportunity.

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How to Run Design Exercises on a Remote Team

19 October 2018

I am here to tell you a little secret: design collaboration can happen remotely.

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Death to the One-Dimensional Portfolio

20 November 2017

It's time we all say goodbye to portfolio websites that lack a little life.

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Soccer Formations in CSS Grid

08 November 2017

I’ve been having a ball playing around with CSS Grid. To kick off my first blog post, here's how I implemented a few popular soccer formations using one flexible CSS Grid.

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Talk: Coding and Climbing

23 May 2017

In this talk, I compare learning how to rock climb to learning how to code.

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Talk: User Study on Bears in Banff

04 November 2016

In this talk, I compare a research study on Grizzly Bears in Canada to undesirable user flows.

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Talk: CSS Object Model and Cloud Typography

26 April 2016

In this talk, I walk through a user study on a difficult challenge that resulted in learning about the CSS Object Model.

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Talk: Null Objects in Ruby

22 April 2015

In this talk, I describe how to use Null Objects in Ruby on Rails.

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