Hannah Oppenheimer

Product Designer, Ice Cream Maker

For all my publicly available projects, please visit my Dribbble portfolio. Below, I go deeper into a few case studies. Some of my work is not publically available.

Planner for Caregivers of People with Dementia

Orbit Care

I designed an application that allows caregivers of people with dementia the ability to share responsibilities and communicate about care.

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Electronic Medical Record

Muve Health

For this project, I conducted a design sprint and user tests to guide stakeholders around a redesign. Then, I designed a new path forward.

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Digital Check-In Application

Epion Health

I pair-designed with the folks at thoughbot to design the initial application. Then, I helped code out both the front and back-end. Over the course of a few years, I led many design sprints each time we needed to solve a new issue.

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Data Visualization Tool


I designed wireframes and mocks for this project.

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Personal Projects

These are a collection of illustrations I’ve done for websites, print and enamel pins.

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